My Pick As Top Crowdwish Actioned This Past Week.


There is just too much good stuff going on at Crowdwish, so I will pick the one I felt was “up there” (besides the one that was actioned for my friend*) 



Crowdwish 109 Actioned.

April 24th’s Crowdwish was ‘I could find an online job that actually pays’.

You totally can.

Remote working is a huge industry, easily worth in excess of $150 billion a year. There is a wealth of sites offering online work, but inevitably many of them are slightly dodgy and best avoided.

As a rule of thumb, here are the things that should ring alarm bells if you are looking to make money ‘remote working’ from home:

  1. If it all feels a bit too good to be true. If someone’s offering untold riches for doing comparatively little, then use your abundant common sense. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, if you can forgive the incredibly vacuous cliché.
  2. If the contracting company asks you to pay for their services upfront. If people are demanding an advance payment, don’t ever make it. It undoubtedly signifies an arrangement that is not designed to benefit you.
  3. If they ask you to provide confidential information. Do not disclose bank account details, national insurance or social security details to anybody. Obvs.
  4. If their mails come from a personal account. If an email that you receive doesn’t contain a business email and phone number, it’s worth avoiding. ‘Real’ businesses rarely use hotmail.
  5. If  you get the ‘job’ incredibly easily. Not intended as a diss on your undoubted abilities but be aware of being accepted too readily.

There are however a lot of sites which offer legitimate methods of remote employment, pay reasonable wages and have structured processes in place that ensure nobody gets fleeced.

If you have skills and abilities in almost any area, from copywriting to accountancy, mobile app designing to translating, there are jobs posted on these sites every minute of every day, many of which pay reasonable wages of $30 an hour or more.

From reliable sources that use them frequently, these are the world’s best and most trustworthy remote working sites, which can genuinely be trusted to provide alternative sources of income for anyone with skills to offer. None of these require upfront funds to register:

oDesk. The world’s largest online workplace.

Elance. Members have earned in excess of $1bn to date.

MyCrowd. Ten million freelancers can’t be wrong. Almost 6 million available projects currently.

e4s. Specialise in student or gap yah jobs.

Peopleperhour. Particularly strong on design based jobs. 800,000 jobs successfully completed to date

Good luck.

*And, just to replay the wonderful video Crowdwish helped put together for my friend:

Please watch this video about my childhood friend and visit for more information on how to help. Re-blogging is wonderful! Heartfelt thanks. ❤

Best Shift Ever – Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tip


It is so nice to see a deserving person have their dreams come true. This is the only kind of “prank” worth watching…

Kindness Blog

This one made us cry…

Content Submission: Leigh Blaikie!!!

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Kat Careers


When it comes to funny cat pics, resistance is “fur-tile”.



Box Tester


Leg Warmer


Suicide Prevention


Toilet Paper Tester


Window Washer


Career Advisor


Beauty Consultant


Cooking Show Host


Taste Tester


Interior Designer


Kat Burglar


Problem Solver


Fashion Model


Laundry Attendant

* Photos from Pinterest *

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Snorts – Do You Hate Your Job?


I live, love and laugh my job, but read this for the “snorts”…


 OMP (oh my pig)!  I gotta share this.  Do you hate your job?  Wish you didn’t have to do certain things at work?  Mommy was having a bad day last week.  She loves her job.  She just got what she called ‘overwhelmed’.  Well, me and dad went on line to the great cyberspace to find something that would (1) make her laugh and (2) show her what a great job she really does have.

We found this and it was perfect.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did here at the Hotel Thompson.


Now, do you hate *your* job?  Snorticles.

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So Much I Want to Do, So Little Time.


I am sure this is a common lament – one heard in every language. When I was younger, I certainly did not see time the same way I do now. One hour when I was eighteen equals 30 minutes at my present age – or so it seems!

Everyday is a combination of “must do”, “should do”, “i’ll think about it later” and “forget about it!”

Everyday is composed of making decisions – big and small – and all effect the outcome of the day.

I love designing and making jewelry! And I must fit it in with the other parts of my life. By pacing myself, I have found a balance to my time. My day job is a “must do” and around that I plan.

Yesterday I made some jewelry, not for the Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations website (shameless plug) but for myself. (With all the things I make for others, I realized I had nothing to wear!)

Today’s choice – go through my emails and read new entries from several blogs I follow – a couple of which I decided to reblog for others to enjoy! And since I found the time, I decided to write this entry onto my blog!

I am happy with the pace of my life and have accepted that I will not be able to accomplish all I want to do – at least not today…after all, there is always tomorrow!

And tomorrow – the World!  Hahahahaha…….