Sunday Silliness


I will admit that I am not up on most of what goes on in “Viral World”. This morning, while responding to a question submitted by a fellow ME/CFS sufferer, I decided to visit her facebook page. The first thing I looked at was:

Well, anything with cats gets my interest, but I was curious about where the music came from. After some research, I found out about Eduard Khil, known as the Trololo Man. Here is the original video:

What I also found was a plethora of other takes on his unique styling. All I found vastly amusing. Some I have included below.

This next one is a tribute to the singer, as he passed away in 2012. I am sure he is smiling still at the happiness his music has inspired. I guess you can say this little blog is my tribute to Mr. Khil, who certainly made me smile, and even laugh! 😀

Trololo even gave “Lord of the Rings” a chuckle factor:

And if you do not watch this “Harry Potter” Trololo tribute, you are doing yourself a disservice (go for it and pay close attention to the facial expressions in this cut, as Voldemort sings.)

Entertaining Videos to Start Your Weekend


Very cute and amusing. Perfect for the “watch during commercials” crowd. (You know you’re one of them!)

From ReShareWorthy:

James is 3 years old and is already an action movie star! James just does regular kid stuff and somehow they turn into amazing adventures! These videos are just awesome and made me smile so much!

“I have a grapple gun!”


“3 … 2 … 1″

“It’s kind of like a real gun!”


James’ dad is Daniel Hashimoto, who is an animator at Dreamworks. That explains a lot, doesn’t it? 🙂

If you enjoyed those, and have more time, watch this longer video, also from ReShareWorthy:



Feeling a Little “Weird Al”


It has been awhile since anything new came out by Mr Yankovic, but it was well worth the wait. (And if this means he will be coming around to do shows again – I’m there! 🙂  Saw a performance of his several years ago and I still laugh thinking about it!)

Hope you enjoy!

And here is a bonus  – a second video!

I think I just found my next cosplay costume (memo to self – get to Walmart.)

Can you stand a third? (I can 😀 This one may even be the best – yeah I saved it for last! )

Okay – I feel silly. Want to share the feeling?


Laughing at life and other items is one of the greatest things a human can do. (If you do not agree, there is no need for you to continue looking at this particular posting.) At times, when I do not have the energy for much, even reading other blogs, just looking at mindless entertainment helps keep the pain at bay.

Following are several things I have found today that made me forget about my body yelling at me. I hope to share a laugh or two with you and make your day brighter as well! 😀  -Fern



Finished the puzzle


Shorty loves her banana

Zombies ate his brains (or maybe it was those aliens?)

So cute!

not so cute

Should really help lower the unemployment rate if all businesses did this

Sounds like equal opportunity.

There is a conversation going on here, but I am not sure of the language


And last for today – another great commercial

All items were from tumblr and pinterest