Kraftycat in Wonderland


I have to admit that I have not been feeling all that well as of late. My thoughts have run to the Queen of Hearts as she stated, “Off with your head!”

My response, as I sit here with a migraine, would be, “Gladly!”

And yet, even as I contemplate this, as the jabberwocky looks on with lust in it’s eyes, my mind’s eye is seeing visions of jewelry designs. My hands are itchy to go…

If only my real eyes would see straight!

Where is the Mad Hatter when you need that cup of tea?

Try, Try Again!


 holiday penguin

Have a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

Thank you to all who alerted me to the fact that my website was, in fact, not running properly. I had to work hard and re-build it, as I found out the hosting company did not have the proper backup. A big surprise that was!

At last check, it is now looking as it should! New creations will be added as they are made and I felt confident in re-launching it! Please visit and let me know what you think. I hope to put a smile on your face as you look through it. Feed-back is always welcome, as it always helps to know what others think. Please – only G-rated responses-there are kitties around!

Again, Happy Holidays! And a big wish for peace and happiness in everyone’s lives!

Connie Foundation Fund Drive A Success!


Yesterday’s first annual “Booooby Poker Run” for the Connie Foundation was very successful!  A total of 80 vehicles entered, drove from pitstop to pitstop, collected playing card numbers and hoped for a winning poker hand.  The finish line at Jack’s Grumpy Grouper featured tasty food, drinks and a live band.  


Many purchased raffle tickets, Connie Foundation rubber bracelets, temporary tattoos and key chains, which were made for the Connie Foundation by Kraftycat Jewelry & Creations. Other photos of the event will be posted later this week when I receive them.  


Winners were announced – a sheet boasting three kings won top prize – and there was even a “booby-prize” winner!  A great time was had by all and the Connie Foundation collected much-needed funds to assist local women and their families affected by breast cancer!