Let’s Play Catch-Up!


Since the last time I blogged about myself, a lot of things have happened. I have been introduced to many new doctors and a few new tests. Thanks to Dr. Vera at NOVA, I am on some new medicines for ME and Fibromyalgia (which have practically gotten rid of my brain fog!) We are still experimenting with dosages to see if more improvement will be possible. (Fingers crossed!)

A dear friend who needs a place to stay will be moving in shortly. Lots of planning and packing going on between the two of us. Living in Florida will take some getting used to on her part. It took me two years to feel like I belonged here.

She will be arriving on Thanksgiving. The holidays will be particularly meaningful as we share the joy of being a family, as I consider her a sister. Very excited! (Also, can’t wait for her to see my jewelry studio!)

And speaking of jewelry…I have been keeping myself busy, designing and repairing pieces on commission. Here are pictures of some of my work…


New pair of earrings made to replace old earring with missing partner. Used Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls and gold-filled chain.


Necklace made for opal and blue topaz pendant, supplied by client. My plan was to honor the pendant, not overwhelm it. Used agate, sterling silver beads, Japanese seed beads and Swarovski crystals. The client was trilled with the results and has ordered earrings to match.

 More pictures to come in the future.

As for my Kraftycat Creations Website, I am in the process of revamping – adding new, exciting products! This is a wonderful part of my life. I consider it therapy for a happier, healthier Fern. The “new and improved” Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations will be ready to view shortly.

My Middle Name is “Little Toot”


Okay, so I did not have the best of weekends, but it was not the worst either! I did manage to make the jewelry for my custom orders and my customers were very happy with the results!



As always, my jewelry photography leaves something to be desired, but it could be worse:


I can look forward to making some more jewelry soon! (I think I can, I think I can…)

Thought for the day:

Everyday the same old thing – Breathe, breathe, breathe!

Not Slaying But Accepting My Dragon…


Well today I will actually do some of my own blogging. As you may or may not know I have ME, so I can never tell from day to day what I may be able to accomplish.

When I started Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations, I had done it for myself. I found jewelry designing and creating to be very therapeutic and wanted a way to share my creations (and yes, perhaps sell them!) I am aware that there are a lot of jewelry websites and I am an ant in a forest of anteaters. Does this worry me? No.

Within the confines of my life, I cannot do all I dream of doing. I know all will be done in time, but that time may be longer than expected by others. How does this tie in with Kraftycat? I had visions of making jewelry and other items for every holiday. Have I accomplished this? Again, no.


Besides hanging in there with my day job, I have been kept busy with some custom orders and love doing them! Thankfully, my customers, many who are repeat, are understanding and willing to give me a little bit longer to make them a piece with their specifications.

Tomorrow my dream is to complete more custom orders. If able, I will make additional items for my website. Whatever I do get done, I am thankful for the ability to still be able to do it.

Till tomorrow then…

What Day is Today?


On the Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations website, I have a tab for “Every Day’s a Holiday” – which soon will be displaying items for Valentine’s Day! Sadly, I have not made much use of this statement in context to both this blog and my life. 

That is about to change right now! After making a decision to turn myself around, I did some research into what makes today, and everyday, a holiday. Attitude, one might say, counts for a lot. Not an issue with me, as I find something to laugh about all the time (not difficult with a house full of cats!) Others might say, how about a mojito? Yes, I do like a good mojito once in a while, but – I swear! -I did not partake before writing this blog! 

Nope – what makes today a holiday is probably something you would never expect.


Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day! (Ear-worm alert – Turn on the bad ’50’s B-movie music please:)

Yes, today is a day to enjoy and appreciate your furry tree climbing neighborhood rodent! Look around – see that cute little creature collecting his nuts? Give him a hand! Throw out an extra nut or two -maybe even three! I have seen squirrels eating bagels up in the trees, so if you don’t have nuts, a bagel will do (whole wheat please – and hold the lox and cream cheese!)


Ah… Look at the cuddly little critters enjoying pizza on their special day! 

But, let’s not stop there!……

It’s also National Hugging Day! This really IS special! Nothing is better than giving a hug and getting one in return. This is a day where everyone gets gifted! Hugging is a sign of friendship, of caring, of being there for someone in need of some humanity! It is probably one of the most understood expressions of love, understanding and caring in the world!

I hope you enjoy your holiday, now that you know what to celebrate in addition to whatever you may be already be celebrating!

And please watch for updates about Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations!

About the Garnet – January Birthstone


raw garnet

From my previous blog, “A New Year-A New Lesson-and Some New Ideas”, I received a request to give some information about the garnet and amber. I was all prepared to write up an article about the garnet, after collecting much information, when I happened to run across this excellent video by birthdaygems.org! It is a read-a-long, but tells the story in much the same way I would have.

There is so much to learn about different gemstones! I hope you find it as interesting as I did!

In honor of this January birthstone, I have included pieces created with garnet on the Kraftycatcreations.com site, along with several other new items. I invite you to check it out.


Now, to research amber!



We are happy to have some great pictures from the Connie Foundation’s “Booooby Poker Run”, which was held Sunday, October 27, 2013 (please see Kraftycat’s earlier blog “Connie Foundation Supports Breast Cancer Survivors”.)


Shown at the sign-in booth/starting point of the “Booooby Poker Run” is Debbie Moore (on the far left), a co-founder of the Connie Foundation, Kari Messinger, the coodinator of the Run and two other volunteers. All volunteers wore pink in support of breast cancer awareness.


Some of the many motorcycles at the staring point. Everyone was excited to get on the road and start the day’s events!



Business was booming at all of the pit-stops along the route. A big THANK YOU to the many businesses, like Renegades, pictured above, who showed their support by participating in the Run!


The last stop was Jack’s Grumpy Grouper, where food, drinks and a live band waited. Volunteers checked forms for a winning poker hand. All proceeds and donations collected from the Run will be used to help women dealing with breast cancer. For more information about the Connie Foundation, please visit their website  – Conniefoundation.org.

Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations was proud to have been a part of the day’s events. Our designer, Fern, made customized keychains with the Connie Foundation symbol for this event and also helped out at the last pit stop.

Our website is still under construction, but aren’t all good things worth waiting for?!



We’re almost there!  Fern, our designer, is working hard to put the finishing touches on our Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations website; getting it just right, and photographing all her best handmade beaded creations for the “Special Event.”

This has been a “birthing” process:  The idea of going online with her remarkable beaded jewelry and other handmade creations; looking for and deciding on a website design and hosting company; the back-and-forth of design decisions; the nail-biting due to seemingly endless corrections and fixes with the coder at times seems overwhelming.  The “baby” is almost ready to be born.  Just a few extra check-ups with the “doctor” and we will be announcing THE DATE!  Watch for that Special Day!!