In Their Child’s Eyes


Many parents doubt that they¬†are “doing it right.” This heart-warming video brings attention to this issue. (Even though this video is about mothers, there are fathers this would pertain to also.)

So, ignore the “Happy Mother’s Day” at the end and enjoy! (Anyway, everyday is Parent’s Day!)


Are You Feeling “Special”?


I remember when my kids were very young and came home from school with tons of hand-made pictures (enough to wallpaper half the kitchen.) Finding out if any milk was left was easy-if you could find the refrigerator.

Even better were the notes and cards Рall stating their love for the family, the cats, the frogs, softer toilet paper -basically anything that they could draw a picture of was a loved person or item. Life was much simpler at that age.

But the card this father received from his daughter puts everything into perspective: