A Win-Win


This video is a gem – made for Halloween time, but not for scares. The first part is hysterical – a prank  played on store employees reminiscent of “Candid Camera.” The second part is totally unexpected and gives me a surprising warm, fuzzy feeling towards the producers of this video. Surely a win-win.

Hope you feel the same.



Entertaining Videos to Start Your Weekend


Very cute and amusing. Perfect for the “watch during commercials” crowd. (You know you’re one of them!)

From ReShareWorthy:

James is 3 years old and is already an action movie star! James just does regular kid stuff and somehow they turn into amazing adventures! These videos are just awesome and made me smile so much!

“I have a grapple gun!”


“3 … 2 … 1″

“It’s kind of like a real gun!”


James’ dad is Daniel Hashimoto, who is an animator at Dreamworks. That explains a lot, doesn’t it? 🙂

If you enjoyed those, and have more time, watch this longer video, also from ReShareWorthy:



Feeling a Little “Weird Al”


It has been awhile since anything new came out by Mr Yankovic, but it was well worth the wait. (And if this means he will be coming around to do shows again – I’m there! 🙂  Saw a performance of his several years ago and I still laugh thinking about it!)

Hope you enjoy!

And here is a bonus  – a second video!

I think I just found my next cosplay costume (memo to self – get to Walmart.)

Can you stand a third? (I can 😀 This one may even be the best – yeah I saved it for last! )