The Nation Grieves with You


I have reblogged this from gettingrealwithptsd . Words cannot adequately express the impact of such a horrible, senseless act of violence, but they can convey where our thoughts lie. I join my thoughts with GettingReal and the millions of others around the world.


My thoughts keep turning today to the massacre in Florida and the family and friends of those so cruelly murdered.  Their grief is unfathomable.  I just wanted to take some time on my blog to griev…

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Friday Funday


Because it is Friday – here are some cute and funny memes to start the weekend off right – with a laugh!


funny memes of cats -

(Takes Years of training!)



(Those are the cutest marshmallows I’ve ever seen!)


(According to my cats, all dogs are.)


Funny Cat Meme

(Very funny – that was me trying to cook dinner…)

funny cat meme | Tumblr

(The Pooper Scooper strikes again!)

Funny <3 Cat meme


Every cat...



Best buds.


And I hope your weekend is beautiful too!  🙂

My Pick As Top Crowdwish Actioned This Past Week.


There is just too much good stuff going on at Crowdwish, so I will pick the one I felt was “up there” (besides the one that was actioned for my friend*) 



Crowdwish 109 Actioned.

April 24th’s Crowdwish was ‘I could find an online job that actually pays’.

You totally can.

Remote working is a huge industry, easily worth in excess of $150 billion a year. There is a wealth of sites offering online work, but inevitably many of them are slightly dodgy and best avoided.

As a rule of thumb, here are the things that should ring alarm bells if you are looking to make money ‘remote working’ from home:

  1. If it all feels a bit too good to be true. If someone’s offering untold riches for doing comparatively little, then use your abundant common sense. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, if you can forgive the incredibly vacuous cliché.
  2. If the contracting company asks you to pay for their services upfront. If people are demanding an advance payment, don’t ever make it. It undoubtedly signifies an arrangement that is not designed to benefit you.
  3. If they ask you to provide confidential information. Do not disclose bank account details, national insurance or social security details to anybody. Obvs.
  4. If their mails come from a personal account. If an email that you receive doesn’t contain a business email and phone number, it’s worth avoiding. ‘Real’ businesses rarely use hotmail.
  5. If  you get the ‘job’ incredibly easily. Not intended as a diss on your undoubted abilities but be aware of being accepted too readily.

There are however a lot of sites which offer legitimate methods of remote employment, pay reasonable wages and have structured processes in place that ensure nobody gets fleeced.

If you have skills and abilities in almost any area, from copywriting to accountancy, mobile app designing to translating, there are jobs posted on these sites every minute of every day, many of which pay reasonable wages of $30 an hour or more.

From reliable sources that use them frequently, these are the world’s best and most trustworthy remote working sites, which can genuinely be trusted to provide alternative sources of income for anyone with skills to offer. None of these require upfront funds to register:

oDesk. The world’s largest online workplace.

Elance. Members have earned in excess of $1bn to date.

MyCrowd. Ten million freelancers can’t be wrong. Almost 6 million available projects currently.

e4s. Specialise in student or gap yah jobs.

Peopleperhour. Particularly strong on design based jobs. 800,000 jobs successfully completed to date

Good luck.

*And, just to replay the wonderful video Crowdwish helped put together for my friend:

Please watch this video about my childhood friend and visit for more information on how to help. Re-blogging is wonderful! Heartfelt thanks. ❤

Donna Roberts Says…


This is a special piece about true friendship…

The Romantologist

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Throughout life, we cycle through friends, for better or for worse. At points, we may take our friends for granted. It’s a challenge to truly appreciate these friends who always seem to be there for you. I advise you to do so, no matter how difficult it may be! Show love for these friends. As Roberts illustrates, friends do have the incredible power to remind you of the song in your heart. In difficult times, they will be there to support you. If you break, they will put the pieces together. Love your friends and keep them close, for it is a terrible feeling to be searching for friends who are no longer there.

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Replay Sunday and Happy Easter!


First of all, Happy Easter -hope the bunny was good to all out there!

Secondly, I am re-posting this video because I care deeply about my friend. I am asking people to re-blog  this video -on your blog, on facebook, on twitter, etc. Please spread the word, as I am hoping to reach our goal.


If this seems pushy, I apologize. Being aware there are many things going on in this world and everyone can do so much, this is one thing I can do to make SG’s life a little easier, and so I am trying. If you would like to donate, even as little as $5.00, please go to

It is much appreciated!

Many thanks again to Bill Griffin and his team at


Virtual Tea Party for the Start of ME Awareness Week


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M.E. myself and I

Living life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness.

Friday, 11 April 2014

One month to go

Apologies in advance if this is incoherent. The best way to describe my current state is ‘sloth-like’. I might pop back and edit this later but I wanted to get in touch with you all now.
It’s now a month until the start of M.E. Awareness week which means it’s a month until my charity tea party ‘Blue Sunday’. Some of you may remember last years event, which was the first. (Blue Sunday 2013.) After a couple of years of illness I finally felt well enough to try and do something to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. We decided a marathon was out of the question… because I no longer had a pair of decent trainers. Instead we opted for a cake sale style shindig. So my extended family and closest friends to joined me for Afternoon Tea at home.
The idea for the virtual side of the party came about because lots of my friends lived too far away or were too poorly to travel, or both. This way they could stay in their pjs and even in bed of they wanted to, and follow the tea party updates that I was posting online.
Blue Sunday 2013. Some of the photos sent in via Facebook
Just like last year, I have set up an events page on Facebook but I hope that this year we can expand things to include Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #BlueSunday. That’s the plan anyway! For those who can, or want to, there is a JustGiving page for donations. All I would ask for is the price you’d expect to pay for a pot of tea and a slice of cake in your local coffee shop. 
Blue Sunday 2013. Some of the photos sent in via Facebook
Any donations are so very gratefully received and all those a who donate and attend will be entered into a prize draw. So far I have two prices and am looking for other kind souls who are willing to donate others. Last year I forked out for prizes myself but funds just won’t allow that this year I’m afraid.
Prizes kindly donated by The Pillow Fort team: Subscription to the magazine and a jar of spoons, either on a necklace of key ring
Many of you are asking how a virtual tea party actually works. I have no idea really is the honest answer. This is only my second year of attempting it. I’m still rather poorly so it really isn’t going to be an all singing all dancing extravaganza but it’s an opportunity to meet new friends online, and to eat dangerous amounts of cake. What more could you want for a Sunday afternoon in May? All you need is an Internet connection and cake. Lots of cake.And to those who are coming to my house for Afternoon Tea that day, don’t worry. I won’t be doing any of the baking myself…