Please don’t skip the Thursday wish!

Last Monday the most popular wish was simple – free coffee. We persuaded a coffee shop to give their customers free coffee whenever it rained on the day, which as it transpired was a lot. We also gave away free coffee pots to those who couldn’t be there.

On Tuesday people wanted to ‘play guitar’ – so we asked them to email us their favourite songs, then sent back to them the sheet music for the guitar part and DVDs of ‘Almost Famous’, as we’re unhealthily obsessed with the scene in the back of the RV when they’re singing Tiny Dancer.

On Wednesday the most popular wish was ‘That I could find it easier to talk to people’. We provided a simple technique for overcoming shyness and gave away classic books featuring legendary outsiders, from Eeyore to Holden Caulfield.

They are all great, but this next one is mine! Please check it out, pass it on, re-blog, etc. I really appreciate it! 🙂

On Thursday a woman in Florida had her wish ‘actioned’. She had asked for help on behalf of a friend (and her beloved pets -pictured is Pepita) who was about to lose her house after the death of her husband. The story was a very moving one, so we helped set up a fund to help. So far just shy of  $1,000 has been donated – if you have a spare £5 or dollar, she would be incredibly appreciative.
On Friday the most popular wish was ‘For the media to focus on positive as well as negative stories’. We make a faux-marble sign lampooning The Daily Mail and sent someone to fix it to the side of their building in Kensington. You can see it above; it stayed there for an hour before they clocked it. It has been re-tweeted hundreds and hundreds of times since then.

On Saturday the top wish was ‘I could make my own clothes’. We organised a free clothes-making class featuring expert tuition, white wine, sharp scissors, salty snacks, and an overwhelming sense of personal pride. You can be part of that whole thing; send us an email to book a place.

Yesterday’s wish was ‘That celebrities would endorse small businesses’. The person who made this wish owns a brilliant photography business: so we promised help with marketing and agreed to send out sample photo portfolios to celebrities.

Not Slaying But Accepting My Dragon…


Well today I will actually do some of my own blogging. As you may or may not know I have ME, so I can never tell from day to day what I may be able to accomplish.

When I started Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations, I had done it for myself. I found jewelry designing and creating to be very therapeutic and wanted a way to share my creations (and yes, perhaps sell them!) I am aware that there are a lot of jewelry websites and I am an ant in a forest of anteaters. Does this worry me? No.

Within the confines of my life, I cannot do all I dream of doing. I know all will be done in time, but that time may be longer than expected by others. How does this tie in with Kraftycat? I had visions of making jewelry and other items for every holiday. Have I accomplished this? Again, no.


Besides hanging in there with my day job, I have been kept busy with some custom orders and love doing them! Thankfully, my customers, many who are repeat, are understanding and willing to give me a little bit longer to make them a piece with their specifications.

Tomorrow my dream is to complete more custom orders. If able, I will make additional items for my website. Whatever I do get done, I am thankful for the ability to still be able to do it.

Till tomorrow then…