Crowdwish #100 Was Actioned Today!



Today’s Crowdwish was ‘I wish for a braver and kinder world, where we can all look forward to a better tomorrow’ – from Ashley Craig (See below for more about her – very inspiring!)

Some encouraging facts – there’s actually a wealth of evidence that the world is a better place than it’s ever been.

  1. There are half as many poor people in the world as there were in 1990.
  2. In the last half century, China’s real income per person has gone up eightfold, India’s has quadrupled, and Brazil’s has almost quintupled.
  3. A baby born in 1960 had a 20% chance of dying before her 5th birthday. For a child born today, it’s under 5%.
  4. Globally, the number of deaths by tuberculosis has diminished by half and the number of deaths from measles has decreased by 70 percent. Even the number of deaths due to HIV and AIDS has dropped by 25 percent.
  5. Around 750 million fewer people live in extreme poverty (defined as $1.25 or less per day) than in 1981 – a decrease from 40% to 14%.
  6. The world is getting more and more peaceful; the number of deaths by civil wars or wars between countries per 100 thousand world citizens has decreased drastically in the past few decades, from almost 300 during World War II, to almost 30 during the Korean War, to less than 10 in the seventies and eighties. In the 21st century, it’s less than 1 death per 100 thousand.
  7. Homicides are in decline. In 2001, 557,000 people worldwide were killed. Seven years later that number was 289,000. And the decline continues, according to the United Nations.
  8. Between 1995 and 2011 there was a 20 percent decline in “observable gender inequalities,” according to the United Nations. IMF figures show a consistent decline in global income inequality between the sexes.
  9. Ten years ago, gay marriage didn’t exist in the United States; now 38 percent of Americans live in a state where marriage between gay men or lesbians is allowed.
  10. We have True Detective now.


The facts are clear; slowly but surely, the world is becoming a better place, it just doesn’t always feel that way; one of the consequences of the negativity bias in the media maybe. But the future depends on what you do today, and over in New Jersey, the person who made today’s wish is doing something brilliant.

Ashley Craig was the victim of bullying during her middle and high school years, but found the courage to stand up; not just for herself, but for others too.

Just 18, her story is here – she has created a brilliant charity that implements anti-bullying programs in schools in America and so far these have been delivered to an incredible 10,000 students! 

In order for us to help Ashley fulfill her own wish of a ‘better and kinder world’ we asked if we could help her charity, or whether she would prefer a gift for herself. Unsurprisingly, she chose her charity and so we are helping to design and produce magnetic bumper stickers to spread the word about what she is trying to achieve. You can see them below; they will be produced and shipped to Ashley in the coming weeks.


And a special THANK YOU to all who have helped out with my Crowdwish that was actioned ( please visit   to learn more) I appreciate anything you can do  – re-blogging, passing it on and giving from your heart if possible.

Much love….    Fern 🙂


Virtual Tea Party for the Start of ME Awareness Week


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Friday, 11 April 2014

One month to go

Apologies in advance if this is incoherent. The best way to describe my current state is ‘sloth-like’. I might pop back and edit this later but I wanted to get in touch with you all now.
It’s now a month until the start of M.E. Awareness week which means it’s a month until my charity tea party ‘Blue Sunday’. Some of you may remember last years event, which was the first. (Blue Sunday 2013.) After a couple of years of illness I finally felt well enough to try and do something to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. We decided a marathon was out of the question… because I no longer had a pair of decent trainers. Instead we opted for a cake sale style shindig. So my extended family and closest friends to joined me for Afternoon Tea at home.
The idea for the virtual side of the party came about because lots of my friends lived too far away or were too poorly to travel, or both. This way they could stay in their pjs and even in bed of they wanted to, and follow the tea party updates that I was posting online.
Blue Sunday 2013. Some of the photos sent in via Facebook
Just like last year, I have set up an events page on Facebook but I hope that this year we can expand things to include Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #BlueSunday. That’s the plan anyway! For those who can, or want to, there is a JustGiving page for donations. All I would ask for is the price you’d expect to pay for a pot of tea and a slice of cake in your local coffee shop. 
Blue Sunday 2013. Some of the photos sent in via Facebook
Any donations are so very gratefully received and all those a who donate and attend will be entered into a prize draw. So far I have two prices and am looking for other kind souls who are willing to donate others. Last year I forked out for prizes myself but funds just won’t allow that this year I’m afraid.
Prizes kindly donated by The Pillow Fort team: Subscription to the magazine and a jar of spoons, either on a necklace of key ring
Many of you are asking how a virtual tea party actually works. I have no idea really is the honest answer. This is only my second year of attempting it. I’m still rather poorly so it really isn’t going to be an all singing all dancing extravaganza but it’s an opportunity to meet new friends online, and to eat dangerous amounts of cake. What more could you want for a Sunday afternoon in May? All you need is an Internet connection and cake. Lots of cake.And to those who are coming to my house for Afternoon Tea that day, don’t worry. I won’t be doing any of the baking myself…



We are happy to have some great pictures from the Connie Foundation’s “Booooby Poker Run”, which was held Sunday, October 27, 2013 (please see Kraftycat’s earlier blog “Connie Foundation Supports Breast Cancer Survivors”.)


Shown at the sign-in booth/starting point of the “Booooby Poker Run” is Debbie Moore (on the far left), a co-founder of the Connie Foundation, Kari Messinger, the coodinator of the Run and two other volunteers. All volunteers wore pink in support of breast cancer awareness.


Some of the many motorcycles at the staring point. Everyone was excited to get on the road and start the day’s events!



Business was booming at all of the pit-stops along the route. A big THANK YOU to the many businesses, like Renegades, pictured above, who showed their support by participating in the Run!


The last stop was Jack’s Grumpy Grouper, where food, drinks and a live band waited. Volunteers checked forms for a winning poker hand. All proceeds and donations collected from the Run will be used to help women dealing with breast cancer. For more information about the Connie Foundation, please visit their website  –

Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations was proud to have been a part of the day’s events. Our designer, Fern, made customized keychains with the Connie Foundation symbol for this event and also helped out at the last pit stop.

Our website is still under construction, but aren’t all good things worth waiting for?!


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