Loving Dog Adopts Orphaned Baby Opossum


From Rumble 10/26/16

Hantu, a white German Shepherd, adopted Poncho, an orphaned baby opossum after animal rescuers found the infant opossum clinging to the side of his mother after she had been tragically hit by a car. The two now live together at the Rare Species Fund.

Watch this video and see this adorable pair’s story.

Check out http://www.RareSpeciesFund.org and http://www.MyrtleBeachSafari.com for more stories and information.

A Puppy In Need Walked Up To A Man At Work. What Followed Shattered My Heart.


I am a big softy for animals (especially cats 🙂 ) This is a story about a rescue – a rescue by all parties involved. And a gentle passing. Take out your hanky.

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It’s never too late to help a dog in need. Whether they’re newborns or the oldest dog in the kennel, they’re all better off for our help. But let’s face it, most of our attention goes to the pups. And for good reason. They’re cute, can’t look out for themselves, and we want to protect them from the harsh world before anything bad happens.

But what should we do about the ones that don’t get rescued? The ones who’ve lived out there in the harsh world, maybe their entire lives? How can we help them? Well after reading this story about Toothless the dog, I think I have an idea. And a new hero…

One day, Cody Leightenheimer found this little guy.According to him, “I was working at a wood flooring factory a couple of months after. I had an entire wing, basically, to myself. One day I was staining…

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Couple searching for dog that comforts cemetery visitors


Great story from Yahoo News:

LINCOLNTON, N.C. — A German Shepherd that spent his days comforting visitors at a local cemetery is missing.


TAKEN: Boh, our 2 1/2 year old male German Shepherd was taken from Forest Lawn Cemetery on Hwy 150 East in Lincolnton NC on Feb. 28,2014. He was seen being put into a dark, 4-door car by a blonde woman wearing scrubs. Boh is known at the cemetery for greeting and comforting visitors who are grieving for their loved ones. Boh weighs approximately 70-75 lbs and was wearing a wide, black, nylon buckle collar with no tags, due to losing his Rabies tag. His most obvious trait is his obsession of chasing and catching his tail. If you have any information, you can call 704-740-6659 (Brad) or 704-740-5015 (Tina). You can also post or message any information on his FB page, Bring BOH Home. Boh is much loved and missed. Not only by us, but by the many patrons of the cemetery.

“He just started going over to the graveyard and hanging out with the guys as they were working on the graves out here and he just kind of became a part,” explained owner Brad Beal, on how Boh became a fixture at Forest Lawn Cemetery, “he would walk the ladies from their cars to the office every morning. He’d console the families.”

Forest Lawn Cemetery, on E. Hwy 150,  is the last place Boh was seen. A person working at the cemetery said they saw a woman wearing scrubs put the dog in her car and drive off back on Friday, February 28th.

In addition to searching on foot and in their cars, Tina Kennedy and Brad Beal posted photos and pleas on Facebook.  The posts went viral and the messages started pouring in.

“A man said ‘You won’t believe what your dog done for me. He’s helped me grieve through this process.’ And we’re finding all this out on Facebook,” marveled Beal.

Comments on photos and shared links called the dog “God’s shepherd watching over loved ones gone, but not forgotten.”

Other people shared their personal stories on how Boh comforted them in their time of need.

The couple had no idea their dog touched the lives of so many others.

“It is heartwarming to know what we knew was special to us has turned out to be, or maybe to be, more special to some other people because he’s helping them through a hard time,” said Kennedy.

East Lincoln Animal Hospital posted on its Facebook page that a person did bring in a dog that matched Boh’s description to check for a microchip (Boh is not microchipped).

The page said the woman told the office she was going to take the dog to a shelter. She did not leave any contact information.

Boh is two-and-a-half years old. He has a thick, black, nylon collar.

The tags fell off in the yard a few days before he vanished.

Boh also likes to chase his tail, and often runs in circles after catching it. If you know where Boh is,  his owners ask that he be brought back home or to the cemetery.


LINCOLNTON, N.C. — The beloved dog that disappeared from a Lincolnton cemetery is back home and the woman charged with stealing him turns herself in at the Lincoln County courthouse.

Boh is back. Back with his owner.