Happy National Cat Day!


In my home, everyday is a Happy Cat Day, but today it is Official! In honor of this day, I am putting up several commercials which star felines. I find them quite amusing. Hope you do too!

And to all my furry friends out there – hope you get an extra snack today! Happy National Cat Day!


World Cat Day 2014


As I am sitting here petting one of my cats, I have just discovered it was World Cat Day! Teagan’s Books has put together a blog for the occasion which celebrates several cat-loving authors (including herself) and their fluffballs of affection.

Teagan's Books

veil_of_sky_open_Lilith copyAuthors and Cats

How could I miss World Cat Day?  But I almost did!  I’ve absolutely no idea why my cats were letting me overlook it. They probably meant to let me know at some point between their after lunch nap and their mid-afternoon nap.  If not, then before their pre-dinner nap.

There have been many wonderful feline characters in books and film.  (Forgive me for including Lilith, the calico from Atonement, Tennessee in that.)  Also, many great authors were cat people.  Whether you are a writer or a reader, I hope you will enjoy seeing a few of them.

Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates — “I write so much because my cat sits on my lap. She purrs so I don’t want to get up. She’s so much more calming than my husband.”

Jean Cocteau with Karoun

Jean Cocteau — “I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become…

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Random Acts of Kindness


This video is a compliation of AMOK 2013. AMOK stands for “Annual Melee of Kindness” and this year it is on Saturday, March 1, 2014.

It is suggested on the Random Act Website to go out into your community and find a way to help – maybe a clothes drive or cooking for a family in need. If this is something that you cannot do (and not everyone is equipped to), there are other ways to spread kindness.

Give someone a hug, say hello to a stranger or open a door for someone pushing a baby stroller. Yes, these are not earth-shattering suggestions, but an act of kindness can be as simple as making someone smile and brightening their day.

So, this Saturday, spread some sunshine – anyway you can. And do not stop there. I feel that it is possible to complete a random act of kindness everyday, no matter how big or small. Keep this up and you will also be performing an act of kindness to yourself!

What Day is Today?


On the Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations website, I have a tab for “Every Day’s a Holiday” – which soon will be displaying items for Valentine’s Day! Sadly, I have not made much use of this statement in context to both this blog and my life. 

That is about to change right now! After making a decision to turn myself around, I did some research into what makes today, and everyday, a holiday. Attitude, one might say, counts for a lot. Not an issue with me, as I find something to laugh about all the time (not difficult with a house full of cats!) Others might say, how about a mojito? Yes, I do like a good mojito once in a while, but – I swear! -I did not partake before writing this blog! 

Nope – what makes today a holiday is probably something you would never expect.


Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day! (Ear-worm alert – Turn on the bad ’50’s B-movie music please:)

Yes, today is a day to enjoy and appreciate your furry tree climbing neighborhood rodent! Look around – see that cute little creature collecting his nuts? Give him a hand! Throw out an extra nut or two -maybe even three! I have seen squirrels eating bagels up in the trees, so if you don’t have nuts, a bagel will do (whole wheat please – and hold the lox and cream cheese!)


Ah… Look at the cuddly little critters enjoying pizza on their special day! 

But, let’s not stop there!……

It’s also National Hugging Day! This really IS special! Nothing is better than giving a hug and getting one in return. This is a day where everyone gets gifted! Hugging is a sign of friendship, of caring, of being there for someone in need of some humanity! It is probably one of the most understood expressions of love, understanding and caring in the world!

I hope you enjoy your holiday, now that you know what to celebrate in addition to whatever you may be already be celebrating!

And please watch for updates about Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations!