Kraftycat in Wonderland


I have to admit that I have not been feeling all that well as of late. My thoughts have run to the Queen of Hearts as she stated, “Off with your head!”

My response, as I sit here with a migraine, would be, “Gladly!”

And yet, even as I contemplate this, as the jabberwocky looks on with lust in it’s eyes, my mind’s eye is seeing visions of jewelry designs. My hands are itchy to go…

If only my real eyes would see straight!

Where is the Mad Hatter when you need that cup of tea?

Better Late than Never! We Have Launched!


First, I want to announce that my website, is now up and running! This is exciting for me on many different levels!

fern wearing smartly simple necklace and earrings

Putting up this website has taken a lot longer than expected, but, it was well worth doing! And I never doubted that I could do it!

This was a learning experience – the set up, the photography (as talked about in a previous posting), the juggling of time (daytime job, website, making jewelry, and the inevitable cooking and cleaning.)  Along the way there were other unexpected trials and tribulations. No matter what, every bit of this experience was fun, as it was all my choice to do this! There is a great feeling of accomplishment, knowing I found my passion and am able to share it on the Kraftycat website!

And I was not alone in this journey. Thanks to my family and friends who have been there for me whether in person or in spirit. Their love and support helped greatly along the way.

A big “Meow” to my cats, who inspired the “Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations” website in so many ways. They make me smile and laugh everyday. Laughter, next to my jewelry business (lol), is one of the best things in the world.

Please visit and let me know what you think. I think it is special and hope you do too!

Back to the Photography Drawing Board


shell cloisinaie czech glass

Edited version:

While waiting for the photos from the Connie Foundation’s fund drive, I will update where we are with the website.

As previously stated, the photos we took were not what we had hoped for. Even with some work in Photoshop – it just wasn’t happening!

An “executive decision” was made by part of our creative crew to purchase a new camera. And so we did – one which the sales person at the store told us would give us the quality photos we were looking for(?).

Problem solved?  Well, not quite.  I may be a jewelry designer, but I obviously have a lot to learn about photography.  As you can see by the image above, things are looking up, but it took many shots to figure out the correct lighting. There are several books about digital photography, sitting on my desk, staring at me, while I shoot away.  Probably time to read a chapter or two perhaps? LOL

I will conquer this beast!  I will get the Kraftycatcreations website up and started! I will not have it up in October as I promised myself, but I do promise not to put a date on things such as this – at least in writing!  Maybe the first part of November… (no promises!)



We’re almost there!  Fern, our designer, is working hard to put the finishing touches on our Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations website; getting it just right, and photographing all her best handmade beaded creations for the “Special Event.”

This has been a “birthing” process:  The idea of going online with her remarkable beaded jewelry and other handmade creations; looking for and deciding on a website design and hosting company; the back-and-forth of design decisions; the nail-biting due to seemingly endless corrections and fixes with the coder at times seems overwhelming.  The “baby” is almost ready to be born.  Just a few extra check-ups with the “doctor” and we will be announcing THE DATE!  Watch for that Special Day!!