Kraftycat in Wonderland


I have to admit that I have not been feeling all that well as of late. My thoughts have run to the Queen of Hearts as she stated, “Off with your head!”

My response, as I sit here with a migraine, would be, “Gladly!”

And yet, even as I contemplate this, as the jabberwocky looks on with lust in it’s eyes, my mind’s eye is seeing visions of jewelry designs. My hands are itchy to go…

If only my real eyes would see straight!

Where is the Mad Hatter when you need that cup of tea?



We’re almost there!  Fern, our designer, is working hard to put the finishing touches on our Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations website; getting it just right, and photographing all her best handmade beaded creations for the “Special Event.”

This has been a “birthing” process:  The idea of going online with her remarkable beaded jewelry and other handmade creations; looking for and deciding on a website design and hosting company; the back-and-forth of design decisions; the nail-biting due to seemingly endless corrections and fixes with the coder at times seems overwhelming.  The “baby” is almost ready to be born.  Just a few extra check-ups with the “doctor” and we will be announcing THE DATE!  Watch for that Special Day!!