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Because it is Friday – here are some cute and funny memes to start the weekend off right – with a laugh!


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(Takes Years of training!)



(Those are the cutest marshmallows I’ve ever seen!)


(According to my cats, all dogs are.)


Funny Cat Meme

(Very funny – that was me trying to cook dinner…)

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(The Pooper Scooper strikes again!)

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Every cat...



Best buds.


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Important Brain-Immune System Link Discovery


As someone with ME, and as someone with a daughter on the Autism Spectrum, this discovery is one of the most important medical events in recent history. Times are changing and researchers are finally picking up the pace studying neuro-immune issues. As my ME progresses, the hope for better understanding of the disease and better treatments may see fruition. Many with ME, MS, and Autism, to mention some of the many misunderstood neuro-immune diseases suffered by millions, might see a flicker at the end of the tunnel.


“They’ll have to change the textbooks.”  This statement, by Kevin Lee, PhD, Chairman of the UVA Department of Neuroscience, is the result of a study at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.   The study, awarded to the UVA Health System and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has shown there are heretofore undetected lymphatic vessels connecting the brain to the immune system.

Maps of the lymphatic system: old (left) and updated to reflect UVA's discovery. Maps of the lymphatic system: old (left) and updated to reflect UVA’s discovery.

Researchers knew there was a connection between the brain and immune system, but the vessels were completely hidden.  Now, there are many new angles to exploring neurological disease.

This is a stunning discovery.  It is difficult to explain how these vessels in the brain were overlooked when the lymphatic system was explored.  New avenues of discovery are now possible and beneficiaries might be MS, Autism, Alzheimer’s and maybe even…

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These 5 Hero Moms Will Give You Extra Reason to Celebrate Mother’s Day


  I consider my Mom a hero. The advocating for ME and Autism she does is amazing. She is the one person I can count on to show understanding and unconditional love to a daughter who’s road is rocked by chronic illness. All my love, Mom, today and always.

The following story is from “Time”

Written by  @tcberenson

From saving a drowning couple to rescuing kids from a bear

It’s true that every mother is a hero, which is why we have Mother’s Day. It’s just one small day of the year for people to appreciate everything mothers do for their families. But it’s also true that all acts of maternal heroism are not created equal. Dealing with the daily challenges of raising kids is one thing, but saving children from a bear is quite another. So here, in honor of Mother’s Day, we present five hero moms of the year.

  • The Mom Who Rescued Her Kids With a Pizza Hut Order

    Cheryl Treadway was being held hostage with her children in Florida and figured out how to escape — using an order from Pizza Hut.

With Treadway’s boyfriend holding her and her three children their home at knifepoint this week, Treadway ordered from Pizza Hut on her phone and asked, in the comments section, for someone to call 911.

Thanks to Treadway’s creative thinking, an employee at Pizza Hut called the police, who then rescued the family.

  • That resolve ended up being life-saving when she saw a couple drowning off the coast of Cancun last December. There was no lifeguard on duty, so Loiselle, a single mother of two, dove in herself, swam out and brought the couple safely to shore.“Words cannot describe my gratitude but I’ll try,” the man said in an interview. “You saved my girlfriend’s life and most certainly mine too.”Calgary woman rescues, rescues couple, coast of Ca

    Tamara Loiselle and son, reading a letter of graditude from the couple.


    • The Mom Who Got Her Family Out of a Burning House

      Morgan Stone, mother of five, had only seconds to spare to get her entire family out of their Indiana home before it was engulfed in flames last December.“It took me a second to really realize what was happening. When I opened the bedroom door and it was full of smoke, it took me a minute to grasp that this was a serious house fire,” Stone said.She sprang into action and got her five kids, her father-in-law and her pets out of the house before the whole structure burned.“He says I’m a hero,” Stone said of her fiancé, “But I don’t think I’m a hero, I’m just a mom who got my kids out safely—nothing means more to me than them.”


      The Mom Who Saved Her Neighbor’s Kids From a Bear

Candace Gama saw her neighbor’s 6-year-old sons waiting for their school bus. Then she saw the bear.

Billings black bear (copy)

The black bear was about 20 yards away, so Gama drove her car between the bear and the kids and yelled at them to get in the car. Then to speed things up, she grabbed the boys by their backpacks and dragged them inside.

According to a local Montana newspaper, Gama’s 5-year-old daughter said her mom was the hero of the day.


The Pregnant Mom Who Saved Her Family After a Terrible Car Crash


Erika Grow’s car hit black ice on the road in Wyoming last November and flipped three times, throwing her husband and sister from the car and leaving her two young children trapped in the back.

Even though she was eight months pregnant, Grow was able to clamber to the backseat and unbuckle her children, ages 3 and 21 months. She put them in suitcases to keep them warm in the freezing Wyoming weather.

Grow’s husband and sister went to the hospital, but her two children and unborn baby were unharmed.

Photo taken after birth of the newest Grow family member.


Let’s Play Catch-Up!


Since the last time I blogged about myself, a lot of things have happened. I have been introduced to many new doctors and a few new tests. Thanks to Dr. Vera at NOVA, I am on some new medicines for ME and Fibromyalgia (which have practically gotten rid of my brain fog!) We are still experimenting with dosages to see if more improvement will be possible. (Fingers crossed!)

A dear friend who needs a place to stay will be moving in shortly. Lots of planning and packing going on between the two of us. Living in Florida will take some getting used to on her part. It took me two years to feel like I belonged here.

She will be arriving on Thanksgiving. The holidays will be particularly meaningful as we share the joy of being a family, as I consider her a sister. Very excited! (Also, can’t wait for her to see my jewelry studio!)

And speaking of jewelry…I have been keeping myself busy, designing and repairing pieces on commission. Here are pictures of some of my work…


New pair of earrings made to replace old earring with missing partner. Used Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls and gold-filled chain.


Necklace made for opal and blue topaz pendant, supplied by client. My plan was to honor the pendant, not overwhelm it. Used agate, sterling silver beads, Japanese seed beads and Swarovski crystals. The client was trilled with the results and has ordered earrings to match.

 More pictures to come in the future.

As for my Kraftycat Creations Website, I am in the process of revamping – adding new, exciting products! This is a wonderful part of my life. I consider it therapy for a happier, healthier Fern. The “new and improved” Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations will be ready to view shortly.

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do ~by Rachel Grussi


February 11, 2014

Forbes came out with an article not too long ago entitled “Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid.” It emphasized the need for mental strength as a foundation of our lives in addition to the typical physical strength and health people push. Out of this article came a list of a more positively-focused way to look at it, which is the list of habits mentally strong people dopractice. We discovered it and added our own twist to this essential list.

(I added the pictures-my “twist” to this great list. Thank you Rachel Grussi! -Fern)

So here it is. Take it as you need it and apply these practices as you see fit:


1. They move on: 
rough circumstances? Hard times? Unthinkable difficulties? They don’t sit around moping, feeling sorry for themselves. They continue onward.

2. They keep control: they don’t let other things take away their power, whether it’s people or situations that are challenging them. They center themselves knowing that they are in control of their lives.

3. They embrace change: change is a challenge that we all take on whether we want to or not. It’s a matter of how we let change affect us, and to them, they conquer it and find new opportunities, rather than let it overwhelm them.

4. They stay happy: they don’t waste energy on what they can’t affect. Instead, they find the silver lining and zero in on what makes they happy. They certainly don’t waste time on complaining, either, and making their negative words a reality to themselves.

 5. They are blessings to others: kindness, fairness, and speaking up for themselves and others are three tenants that they advocate with their own lives. They aren’t afraid of what other people will think about these things, either.

6. They are willing to take calculated risks: living life in a bubble, too afraid to try anything, isn’t living at all. They don’t jump headfirst into danger, either, though. They look at the risks and the benefits, and then decide.

7. They invest their energy in the present: being present is huge. By not expending energy on the unchangeable past or uncertain future, and instead enjoying and centering on the now, they give themselves true freedom and their best performance in the present.

8. They accept full responsibility for their past behavior: mistakes happen, but they learn from them without shame, knowing they aren’t perfect and yet that they need to be responsible for all their own actions.

9. They celebrate other peoples’ successes: they aren’t encumbered by jealousy, knowing they have their own power and contribution to the world. They don’t resent what other people can or have accomplished.

10. They are willing to fail: failure doesn’t deter them from trying and trying with their whole hearts. Even if their endeavors aren’t successful, they don’t give up. To them, failure is a chance to improve.

11. They enjoy their time alone: they don’t absolutely need to be around other every moment of the day. They are confident enough in themselves to be left alone with only themselves. Being alone isn’t scary anymore.

12. They are prepared to work and succeed on their own merits: they know what they are capable of and what they seek, and they don’t expect the world to hand it to them. Instead, they seek to earn what their hearts desire.

13. They have staying power: they don’t expect results immediately. They can out-wait anything patiently once they are invested.

14. They evaluate their core beliefs: they look and aren’t afraid to modify as they see fit. They learn new things every day and reassess what they believe.

15. They expend their energy wisely: they look at the time they have available and make use of it to the best of their ability. They don’t waste time on things that are just blackholes for their energy with nothing in return for the investment.

16. They think productively: thoughts are powerful, and negative thoughts have no place in productivity. They don’t get down on themselves or let insecurity take over. Instead, they hold on to the positive and what they can take away from every situation, good or bad.

17. They tolerate discomfort: they do feel those uncomfortable or difficult situations, but these do not control them. They have the ability to push through no matter what.

18. They reflect on their progress every day: they make time to consider the good things that they’ve achieved, and also time to refocus on the direction they wish to go. Then, they alter their courses from there to be where they want to be, no matter how fast or slow.

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My Pick As Top Crowdwish Actioned This Past Week.


There is just too much good stuff going on at Crowdwish, so I will pick the one I felt was “up there” (besides the one that was actioned for my friend*) 



Crowdwish 109 Actioned.

April 24th’s Crowdwish was ‘I could find an online job that actually pays’.

You totally can.

Remote working is a huge industry, easily worth in excess of $150 billion a year. There is a wealth of sites offering online work, but inevitably many of them are slightly dodgy and best avoided.

As a rule of thumb, here are the things that should ring alarm bells if you are looking to make money ‘remote working’ from home:

  1. If it all feels a bit too good to be true. If someone’s offering untold riches for doing comparatively little, then use your abundant common sense. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, if you can forgive the incredibly vacuous cliché.
  2. If the contracting company asks you to pay for their services upfront. If people are demanding an advance payment, don’t ever make it. It undoubtedly signifies an arrangement that is not designed to benefit you.
  3. If they ask you to provide confidential information. Do not disclose bank account details, national insurance or social security details to anybody. Obvs.
  4. If their mails come from a personal account. If an email that you receive doesn’t contain a business email and phone number, it’s worth avoiding. ‘Real’ businesses rarely use hotmail.
  5. If  you get the ‘job’ incredibly easily. Not intended as a diss on your undoubted abilities but be aware of being accepted too readily.

There are however a lot of sites which offer legitimate methods of remote employment, pay reasonable wages and have structured processes in place that ensure nobody gets fleeced.

If you have skills and abilities in almost any area, from copywriting to accountancy, mobile app designing to translating, there are jobs posted on these sites every minute of every day, many of which pay reasonable wages of $30 an hour or more.

From reliable sources that use them frequently, these are the world’s best and most trustworthy remote working sites, which can genuinely be trusted to provide alternative sources of income for anyone with skills to offer. None of these require upfront funds to register:

oDesk. The world’s largest online workplace.

Elance. Members have earned in excess of $1bn to date.

MyCrowd. Ten million freelancers can’t be wrong. Almost 6 million available projects currently.

e4s. Specialise in student or gap yah jobs.

Peopleperhour. Particularly strong on design based jobs. 800,000 jobs successfully completed to date

Good luck.

*And, just to replay the wonderful video Crowdwish helped put together for my friend:

Please watch this video about my childhood friend and visit for more information on how to help. Re-blogging is wonderful! Heartfelt thanks. ❤

Crowdwish: Helping Out Again and In The News-(everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask)


First – Bill from Crowdwish has come through once again with a video for “paying it forward” – trying to help a friend in need:


Please watch this video about my childhood friend and visit for more information on how to help. Heartfelt thanks.


And From the Mail Online:

A virtual genie: The crowdsourcing website that is making real wishes come true

  • Crowdwish lets people make up to 10 wishes for anything they want
  • Users encouraged to ‘like’ their favourite wishes
  • Most popular ones are resolved every 24 hours
  • Site has made donations to charities, lobbied CEOs and retailers
  • Established by entrepreneur Bill Griffin to harness the power of community


But there’s nothing virtual about the wishes. offers users the chance to ask for anything they want, be it products, experiences, charity or causes, with the most popular wish being granted each day. Ultimately the Crowdwish team want the wishes and the people power behind them to be used to create a force for good, but that doesn’t stop one asking for a trip to Bali.

So far the start-up has made donations to charities such as the Red Cross, Action against Hunger, Save the Children and The Bill Clinton foundation, surprised NHS staff with gifts, lobbied CEOs for equal pay, and negotiated high street discounts.

Make a wish: A new start-up called Crowdwish has launched where users can make any wish they want - and the most popular one will be resolved

Make a wish: A new start-up called Crowdwish has launched where users can make any wish they want – and the most popular one will be resolved

Established by 43-year-old entrepreneur Bill Griffin, the site encourages users to ‘like’ other people’s wishes through the webpage or via social media.

Bill told MailOnline: ‘I kept seeing evidence for groups of people coming together online to create outcomes for themselves that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve on their own…from Kickstarter to the use of social media during the Arab Spring.

‘I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but I wanted to create a site where people could come and ask for literally anything and get a meaningful and freshly generated response. That was the brief and it took me a while to figure on how it was going to work, a bit longer to design, then about six months to build.’

After six months of building, the former marketing director of Comedy Central unveiled a simple website where users can ask for up to ten wishes for anything ranging from products, experiences, or causes.

  • People who have made wishes can ask people to support them via Facebook and Twitter and the more people that ‘me-too’ them, the more chance they have of being granted.
Brains behind the operation: Bill Griffin, former marketing director of Comedy Central, wants to use the critical mass of the users to help bring their dreams closer to reality

Brains behind the operation: Bill Griffin, former marketing director of Comedy Central, wants to use the critical mass of the users to help bring their dreams closer to reality

‘Whatever you’re hoping for, someone else – somewhere – is going to be wanting the same thing; the majority of our wishes are likely to be shared by other people.

‘The greater the number of people who want something, the more likely that thing is to be delivered,’ reads the site, which is soon to have an accompanying app.

‘So Crowdwish exists to link together people’s hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires. It’s designed to bring people together to create outcomes that are more likely to happen if lots of people are asking for those outcomes, rather than a single individual.

‘Every 24 hours the most popular wish on the site is taken on by our team of expert deal brokers, researchers and negotiators who then use the power of the combined demand to create results on behalf of that newly formed community,’ said Bill.

That isn’t to say that wishes will be miraculously granted; more that the site will work tirelessly to make this aggregated demand as influential as it can be.

This might involve creating discounts on popular products that have been selected, it might involve lobbying people who can help change something unfair, or it might be about creating unique experiences available nowhere else.

‘I think people like it as a notion; wishes have got a childhood iconography that is appealing at quite a deep level, plus they seem to respond well to the way in which the wishes get actioned – which is sometimes quite earnest and serious, then on other occasions is much more light-hearted and irreverent,’ said Bill.

The simple things: The crowning wish of the day was for free coffee so Bill and his team granted it

The simple things: The crowning wish of the day was for free coffee so Bill and his team granted it

Consider it done! Someone wished that people who worked for the NHS got the respect they deserve; Bill visited a variety of hospitals to take staff some presents
Consider it done! Someone wished that people who worked for the NHS got the respect they deserve; Bill visited a variety of hospitals to take staff some presents

Consider it done! One user wished that people who worked for the NHS got the respect they deserve. The team visited a variety of hospitals to take staff some presents

If the most popular wish of the day is for a physical product – a camera for example – Crowdwish will use that aggregated demand to create a discount on the users’ behalf.

If it is a service needed, they will link wishers to the best supplier, using a trust rating, at the most competitive price.

Maybe it is a cause you feel strongly about, then the site will lobby those who could help directly, organise a meet-up or create a disruptive action to help.

If it is advice that people need, Crowdwish promise to commission an expert or collate the collective experience or wisdom of those who had dealt with similar circumstances or situations.

Perhaps an experience will be the most popular wish of the day, then they would create a bespoke one for that community as a unique one-off at the best possible price or perhaps for free.

All in a day's work: Today, Bill and his team paid for an elderly couple's shopping for them after 'I wish I could help a stranger' was voted the top wish

All in a day’s work: Recently the Crowdwish team paid for an elderly couple’s shopping for them after ‘I wish I could help a stranger’ was voted the top wish

Has Bill ever wanted to resolve a wish he couldn’t? ‘No,’ he says plainly. ‘And we never will because we just stick to achievable actions.

‘We don’t claim to magically fulfill wishes like some Disney fairy-godmother and we stick really clear of those kind of cheesy “Then Peter Andre jumped out of the cake and everyone started crying” style resolutions. We just do something positive each day in line with what people want; we are not claiming any magic powers or miraculous abilities; we just do things that are useful, helpful or funny.

While he promises he will never carry advertising on the site, he imagines three distinct revenue streams: Charging brands to be involved with the fulfillment of wishes as a PR/activation exercise, a constant offering in the style of Upworthy; now the fastest growing media site of all time, and a premium offering where wishes get actioned more rapidly, almost like a concierge vibe.

So where does Bill see Crowdwish in three years time? ‘You’re meant to have an insanely ambitious goal, right?,’ he said.

‘Well, here’s mine; to join together the world’s hopes and ambitions, collate and quantify them, then use their critical mass to help bring those dreams closer to reality. I hope three years from now we’ve made significant progress towards that objective.’

Read all about it: Users can easily track exactly which wishes have already been granted each day and read the personal stories that accompany them

Read all about it: Users can easily track exactly which wishes have already been granted each day and read the personal stories that accompany them


  • Making donations to charities such as the Red Cross, Action against Hunger, Save the Children and The Bill Clinton foundation
  • Surprising NHS staff with various goodies
  • Lobbying CEOs for equal pay
  • Going to Sir David Attenborough’s house to ask for a cup of tea
  • Having people meet with professionals – from photographers to personal assistants – to help them in their career development
  • Providing discounts on Apple products
  • Cheering up friends of users with surprise gifts
  • Finding and allowing users to enjoy the world’s best pie


  • A woman made a wish on behalf of a friend whose husband had died. She has been his carer for years but had been totally floored financially by medical bills once he died. We set up an appeal in the USA for her and raised $1,000 (£595) in 48 hours to pay the most pressing of her bills. That was cool.

(I believe the above was mine! Sorry if I am wrong!)

  • People voted for a gagging order on Katie Hopkins. We managed to dupe her into signing one by posing as obsessive fans (like she has those). That was quite funny.
  • One woman was in a truly desperate situation where she had had to flea a horrendously abusive situation and was living in a half way house with no furniture or toys for her child, whose birthday was the coming weekend. We sorted out things for her that made her cry with happiness.

The Beach That Love Built – GUEST BLOG


When friends and family come together to support a loved one, the result is magical. This is heartwarming….

Kindness Blog

The Beach That Love Built – By Russ Towne

The Beach That Love Built

When our daughter was about 15, she was stricken with an “incurable” disease and nearly died. She spent about a month in the hospital, much of it in intensive care fighting for her life. She had to deal with an awful disease as well as many blood transfusions and the side-effects of the chemotherapy, steroids, and other harsh medications. She met each challenge, disappointment, and setback with courage and class.

Eventually, the disease went into remission and she began to dream of having a party and bonfire for her 16th birthday at the beach with her friends, relatives, and beloved dog Ginger. It took quite a bit of searching, but we finally found a beach that had all the necessary attributes including allowing dogs and bonfires, and with easy to access for elderly relatives.

A week before her party, the disease flared…

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