A Note Was Found At The Airport That Said “Read Me.”


Everyone should read this. If it applies to you, try to take it in and know it for truth. I have walked these shoes, been freed and, even with illness, am happier than I have ever been. I have found myself and love the person I am. My gift to you is the gift of reblogging “Jamie’s” gift.

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A man came across a folded piece of paper while he was at San Francisco airport that said ‘read me‘ on the front.  How could anyone possibly resist that invitation?  He knew he just had to look.  So, he did.

And what he discovered inside was surprising and wonderful…

note from a stranger

This is what was inside… (scroll down to read a typed up version)

note from a stranger

“I recently left an emotionally abusive relationship After months of insults I wont repeat, false accusations, lies, delusions, broken mirrors, nightly battles…. I left. I know that I was being poisoned by each day that I stayed. So with a heavy heart, I left my lover of three years, knowing that I had already put it off too long. At first he begged, then he cursed, but eventually he packed his bags and faded out of my life like a bad dream.

For the first few weeks, my…

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6 thoughts on “A Note Was Found At The Airport That Said “Read Me.”

  1. You are right Fern; the boys were wise beyond their years.
    Last nite after I was here I went to Fb & there were pix of my 2nd stepson & his family on a family day out…warmed my heart the 1st stepson just adopted a new kitten & had a naming contest….
    Altho’ I am not their ‘blood’ I see them doing & acting more like me then their Father (a good thing!).
    Their Mum is doing better & has never looked back which is a very good thing!
    Sherri-Ellen x0x0


  2. Thank you Fern. I had left twice before but went back to care for his 2 sons who I loved like they were my own. I even had to take the boys to a safe house for a week because their Father was so out of control.
    When I went back for the 3rd & last time I was homeless & I missed the boys…well after a few more months of verbal & physical abuse his sons said to me one day, “Mommy you have to leave b4 Daddy kills you~”. The boys were 9 & 7 1/2 yrs old. I packed & left & went to my Sister’s…she had a change of heart when the boys called her & told her what they told me! It was at that point I decided to never let this happen again…
    The boys left their Father 3 weeks later & returned to their Mother’s care (she’d had a mental breakdown because of him). I had phoned her & told her what happened & what her sons said so she was prepared when they arrived.
    Sad but true. The boys & I have had contact on FB & they are doing well…both told me I had nothing to apologize for….I think i did some good by them 😉


    • They were wise beyond their years because of the situation, to know you were in danger! Your story has a happy ending for all – two sons reunited with their mother. A mother regaining her health and sons. And you, regaining a life, with two boys who obviously know you for the good person you are and choose to keep you in their lives.

      The world is a warmer place with you in it! 🙂


  3. What a moving letter this Kamie wrote. i too had a relationship of 3 1/2 years that left me in the same way. I fled for the final time in fear of my very Life. As difficult as it was I found myself, little by little & was able to rebuild my Life & find true love…
    Thank you for sharing this letter; it made my day.

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    • So nice to hear from you, Sherri-Ellen! I was also moved by this story. People do not realize how difficult it can be to leave an abusive relationship at times. So glad you were able to and find a better life!

      Take care!


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