Put Your Best Face Forward-The One YOU Want to Show.


There is a lot of buzz around the following video by Colbie Caillat. And it is a good video, decrying one of the messages taught to girls and women from a young age – that you are expected to look “your best” when facing the world.

I always had eye makeup and lipstick on – until getting Bells Palsy 15 years ago. After recovering as much as I would, I decided to only wear mascara and lipstick.

Now, as I battle M.E., I have learned that short hair is very freeing – 30 minutes extra rest-time is very important. Recently, I have done away with mascara also. The lipstick? Well, I like color and it takes one minute to put on.

This I do for me. And that is the only reason to “put on your face” – for yourself, if you want to!

Enjoy the video! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Put Your Best Face Forward-The One YOU Want to Show.

  1. Great message. I was taught from an early age we had to wear makeup & do our hair fancy & it was bloody hard work to look glamorous whilst being a Tow Truck Operator. My Mother & nanna & all their friends were hoffified that I did not ‘put my face on sometimes”!! I finally stopped all the makeup 15 years ago & that is SO-O freeing! I wear makeup only when I dress up for special occasions. Now I love my REAL face & only use lipstick for a touch of color. There is still alot of pressure on woman to put their faces on but I think women have mor efreedom to just say NO!
    Sherri-Ellen with her OWN face! 🙂

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