9 thoughts on “Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion

  1. I saw those “se shouldn’t be painful’ ads on TV & almost fell off the couch!!!
    There is a time & place & it is NOT on television. I remember Kotex paad commercials from my teen years. They ALWAYS came on when my boyfriend was at the hosue watching TV with us! I would go fifty shades of red I can tell you….
    40 years later I am still blushing & i am NOT a prude but really?? There is still so much sexualization in this world…far far too much. I just want to be a person! 😉

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      • Oh yeah we should start an “Old Girl’s’ Club!!! I just do not understand why men still get so many breaks. I really am affronted by all the TV ads about Viagra etc. Now men should color thir hair & do all sorts of stuff to attract women…..blah, blah, blah….
        I respect men & som are lovely & it seems a shame they are being subjected to the same propaganda we have had to deal with for years.
        A few of my male friends have told me they feel so pressurized to be younger & sexier. I told them “Welcome to my world!”
        If we (both men & women) buy into what society tells us we are supposed to be like then both genders are victimized….sad but true….


        • Hopefully, when older,and supposedly wiser, one learns what is really important in life. It is definitely harder to be a teen in this day and age with all of the mixed messages being broadcast.

          Re: the Viagra (and Cialis) ads – ugh! And lately, the “sex shouldn’t be painful…” ads. I know a friend and her son were watching TV when it came on – both found it very embarrassing. Can’t just enjoy a program with the family in your own home.


  2. The war on women is getting uglier. Men can receive insurance-covered Viagra and Cialis, so they can have sexual pleasure. Are those prescription “medicines” essential for their health? No. Yet, women are being denied birth control coverage by more insurance companies than ever before, even if it is for health reasons, and not necessarily for contraception. The men (mostly Republicans) are tossing women aside like rags, and would be happier if they could (and some do) treat their women like chattel.

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