Sunday Morning Smile


Had to share these adorable cat photos! Thankfully, one of my cats sat on my lap as I enjoyed them (must hug kitty to share the “Awwww…..squee!” feelings!)

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Ben Torode took some amazing photos of his kitten Daisy that are out-of-this-world good! I love all animals, but after viewing Ben’s gallery, I have an urge to rescue a kitten from a shelter…right now!

torode1 torode2 torode3 torode4 torode5 torode6 torode7 torode8 torode9 torode10 torode11 torode12 torode13 torode14 torode15 torode16 torode17 torode18 torode19


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Smile

  1. The little face peering out from under the brim of the hat was the cutest, and the one that got me laughing, of course, was the fun with the toilet paper. This kitten is so cute! Some adorable face!! Thanks for these terrific photos.


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