11 thoughts on “Worth Watching…

  1. *jaw drops onto laptop*
    7 cats?? 7 as in 6 +1 = 7??
    Wow!!!! You a e amazing Fern. I so wish I had the space & finances to have so many.
    Then again in a way I do have THAT many! I have my beloved Nylablue inside & I feed 2 ferals who come to the patio after dark & I donate cat food for the Riverbank Ferals also….so that would be at least 7 cats, lol….
    Aren’t cats wonderful???
    Sherri-Ellen * Nylablue*


  2. Oh Fern you have two cats who run to you also? Nylablue comes to meet me at least 75% of the time if I go out. Sometimes she waits on the hallway rug when I take the recycling to garbage room. She knows I’m coming right back but she waits….it is quite funny.
    As for emotions oh yes cats have many! Today Nylablue decided to try to open the glass patio door & let herself out. She could not do this of course so she decided to argue with me….nothing funnier than having an arguement with your cat & losing….I put her in Condo & took her back out & then picked cat grass for her…
    We know who the boss is here 😉
    Sherri=Ellen & Nylablue (the boss)


  3. Absolutely lovely video~~~ my Mingflower used to do a **happy dance** when I would come back from 2 week holiday. She stayed in a Cattery which she did enjoy but she was always so glad to see me come home…
    This video reminds me of her….cats have just as much capacity for love as canines; they just have a different way of showing it….
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too


    • My cats run to me when I come home. At least two of them (Bailey and Bono) will plop on the floor and wait for belly rubs!

      Cats definitely feel love, as well as other emotions. They make my daughter’s and my life much fuller!



  4. Wow! Having cats for so many years, I never experienced such a welcome and never imagined a cat could have such a great love for his “Dad.” Watching this video makes one wonder about the capacity of our animals to have deep feelings such as displayed in this video. Thank you for this.


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