Okay – I feel silly. Want to share the feeling?


Laughing at life and other items is one of the greatest things a human can do. (If you do not agree, there is no need for you to continue looking at this particular posting.) At times, when I do not have the energy for much, even reading other blogs, just looking at mindless entertainment helps keep the pain at bay.

Following are several things I have found today that made me forget about my body yelling at me. I hope to share a laugh or two with you and make your day brighter as well! 😀  -Fern



Finished the puzzle


Shorty loves her banana

Zombies ate his brains (or maybe it was those aliens?)

So cute!

not so cute

Should really help lower the unemployment rate if all businesses did this

Sounds like equal opportunity.

There is a conversation going on here, but I am not sure of the language


And last for today – another great commercial

All items were from tumblr and pinterest


5 thoughts on “Okay – I feel silly. Want to share the feeling?

  1. Hi Fern! I love the kitty pix of course! The Grey Poupon ad was hilarious!!! Excellent way to finish the day.
    Thanks for stopping by the Purrfect Pad tonite!
    We must stop by here more often 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too ❤ ❤


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