lymphatic drainage…


Lymphatic drainage can be an important part of routine healthcare for anyone with immune system issues. With my M.E., swollen lymph nodes have been quite an issue (at times my glands swell so much, it looks like my neck disappears!)

Besides being unfashionable, lymph-filled nodes can be a source of discomfort. I have used rebounding and massage in an effort to get the fluid flowing. The following blog offers information, and even a video on self lymphatic drainage massage, that will help.

Musings of a Dysautonomiac

The immune system is my favorite system (with my least favorite obviously being the nervous system. Stupid autonomic dysfunction).  I like the immune system because it’s like an army, fighting against pathogens found within the body, and each little lymph node is like a ninja.

my rendition of a lymph node ninja!
yeah, i know, i’m good.

You may remember that in my last post I mentioned that my lymph nodes were sore and swollen. After that post, I received an email from my  friend, Jen, with some great suggestions for lymphatic drainage that I thought I should share. Jen is a health and wellness coach and is very knowledgeable about how certain things, including food, stress and environment, affect our body. Check out her website for more information.

Tender or swollen lymph nodes can signal a cold, sore throat, infection or occasionally something more serious.  However, swollen lymph nodes are…

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