In Which I Make a Brief “Appearance”


Some of you may have noticed my lack of posts these past few weeks. Between my job (yes – I am still employed), a quick, necessary trip and my M.E., I have not had the energy to read any of the blogs I follow. And I have missed you all.

I am still not up to par, but hope to do more this weekend (besides staying in bed!) To show good intent, this evening I leave you a cute video (cat, of course! 😀 ) which made me smile. Hopefully, it does the same for you!

Till next time!

3 thoughts on “In Which I Make a Brief “Appearance”

  1. waltirv

    My wife and I have had our M.E. flairs and have been horizontal most of the time. I’ve managed to get essential chores done and shop. I hope you are having peaceful M.E. days and I love the cat video.
    Walter Irvine blogs collections of observations and amusing stories based on real experiences, as far as you know. You may read his posts on Walt’s Inquisitive Ramble at: http:/

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