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When friends and family come together to support a loved one, the result is magical. This is heartwarming….

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The Beach That Love Built – By Russ Towne

The Beach That Love Built

When our daughter was about 15, she was stricken with an “incurable” disease and nearly died. She spent about a month in the hospital, much of it in intensive care fighting for her life. She had to deal with an awful disease as well as many blood transfusions and the side-effects of the chemotherapy, steroids, and other harsh medications. She met each challenge, disappointment, and setback with courage and class.

Eventually, the disease went into remission and she began to dream of having a party and bonfire for her 16th birthday at the beach with her friends, relatives, and beloved dog Ginger. It took quite a bit of searching, but we finally found a beach that had all the necessary attributes including allowing dogs and bonfires, and with easy to access for elderly relatives.

A week before her party, the disease flared…

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