Help comes from the most unexpected people


How people react to someone with ME can be heartening…

Fibro and M.E

I have had trouble writing the last few days. Not because of frozen fingers, I am used to that now. But when I type I am increasingly starting to type words out of sequence and this is very odd. I am either writing the word backwards or in a jumbled mess with the letters all in the wrong order. I have spent more time correcting words than writing anything the last few days and I am a little puzzled by it. I am guessing it is a neuro thing, my head has been fizzing none stop the last week and crackling more and more even without turning my head. It feels as though I have hundreds of fireworks fizzing in there, you know the moment before they explode that fizzing crackling sound they make? That is what is constantly filling the base of my neck and head. I don’t have…

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One thought on “Help comes from the most unexpected people

  1. Another insight to the suffering of patients with M.E. Keep these important blogs coming. The world needs to be made aware of what’s going on in the lives of beautiful people who have been attacked by their own bodies.


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