A Little Cat Chat


It must be the day for me to reblog anything with kitties! Some more cuties and poetry.

Cats at the Bar


I adore a sip of cream.
I prefer a bowl of milk.
I like to sleep on cotton.
I love the luxury of silk.

Chicken chunks are my favourite.
Beef in gravy is my dish of choice.
When the tuna and salmon are served,
I just leap about and rejoice.

I sharpen my claws on the doormat.
I sharpen mine on his pants.
It’s hilarious! You should see the way
It makes him shriek and dance!

It’s great fun to play with his shoelaces,
They’re better than any old toy.
Well, I think humans in general,
Are very amusing to annoy.

So, shall we give it a go right now?
Nah, let’s take a little nap.
OK. Where shall we snuggle?
Hey, look! There’s a lap!

By, E.J. Geras

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