A Change in Appetite


My daughter and I have decided to eat healthy – this includes organic veggies and fruits delivered “from the farm.”  When we bring in the box of goodies, of course our cats must investigate the new smells (but they really just are waiting for the box to be emptied-lol.)

In the search for new recipes (have to make use of all these new items arriving to our doorstep!) one blog, “Two Peas and Their Pod”, has some terrific recipes that we have been using. Tonight, we decided to make Goat Cheese Lemon Pasta with Kale -which is a fast, easy and delicious dinner! (This will be the second time making it – it is that good!)

To help out, Cady did some of the prep work in advance while I was at work (Thanks, Cady! 🙂 ) When I got home, first thing I did was wash the kale and set it off to the side to dry. As I walked away, I heard crunching – some of the cats were eating little bits of leftover kibble while waiting for their favorite part of the evening – wet food at seven.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something unexpected. There was our cat Geordi (yes – named after Lt. La Forge) with his head in the kale, crunching away! Upon seeing me look his way, he grabbed a stalk and ran into a corner, where he proceeded to hunch over it like a prize, nibbling delicately (not) until the leafy goodness was gone. I could tell he wanted seconds, but I dashed his hopes. And seven o’clock came around just a bit earlier tonight!

Geordi in photo tent

Look at that innocent face! Geordi, our kale nibbling kitty.


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