Supreme Court: Now Accepting Tips


Yet another sign of our government at work – for themselves. Thank you Fish of Gold for a terrific blog!

Fish Of Gold

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States of America struck down another part of forty-year old campaign finance reform designed to prevent corruption. If you are a person or a corporation–actually, they’re synonymous to the Supreme Court–you are now welcome to donate as much as you’d like to any candidate or party. On Tuesday, you could only donate an aggregate limit of $123,000 per year. As of Wednesday, there is no limit.

Unfortunately, they left the cap on donating to individual candidates in place, but we expect that will be struck down any day now, since Justice Clarence Thomas said that he would like to abolish all limits on campaign contributions. For now, you’re welcome to donate your entire fortune to a bunch of different candidates or the party of your choice. If you’ve maxed out donations on candidates in your area, you’re welcome to meddle with the rest…

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