Paying it Forward: Gordon the Stuffed Pig


A lovely story about Lindsay, a warm, enthusiatic woman who believes in random acts of kindness…

Miss Four Eyes

Meet Lindsey! She’s a self proclaimed Professional Sunshine Spreader and she lives for Random Acts of Kindness. She wants to change the world into a more compassionate place, from her stories you can just tell that she’s definitely succeeding at it too. She’s guest blogging here today. Enjoy her post and don’t forget to visit her blog, Based On A True Story!

Yesterday, whilst preparing to enter the library for an afternoon of work, I caught a glimpse of a homeless man searching through the dumpsters seemingly quite intent on searching for some special object. I watched as his body language seemed to lift and stiffen in response to finding what he was looking for. He then dove halfway into the dumpster in order to fish something specific out.

When he emerged, his bright blue eyes were shining and his face was beaming with pride. I watched him stare…

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