amigurumi crochet tiny owls


A family affair! Mother and son create adorable crafty critters to raise funds for charity!


a parliament of amigurumi crochet owls
A parliament of welcome owls getting ready to head off to THIS FETE on April the 5th.  All proceeds go to the Aussie Asylum seekers resource center.  small amigurumi crochet owls.Check out the new Creating a Welcome page and download the pdf pattern to make your very own welcome owl here or at my store at ravery.
These owls were inspired by knitted owl puffs by Jenna Krupa and her pattern can also be found on ravelry.
wooden bead ants in a basket These welcome ants, made by my son will also be available at the fete and although Australia is a great country, we do seem to have more than our share of ants. These ones are friendly though and don’t bite.

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