Life Past Your Time


If you are not totally, unshakably moved by this statement on “living” with ME…

Documenting M.E.

To live past your time is a terrible thing
Confusion, frustration, and pain will it bring
Separation will come from friends who are near
Relationships lost with those who are dear

Time will be wasted, hour by hour
Days full of purpose, beyond your power
Your body decays but your heart is still there
Fighting against all that needs repair

Loved ones face each day filled with suspense
Good day or bad? It all makes no sense.
Yes, life goes on, sometimes too long
when the time to move on has come and then gone.

The above is a poem I wrote several years ago as I reflected on life with ME. This illness is incredibly isolating. It is also unbelievably limiting. ME steals your health, your friends, your career, and much more. Sometimes it feels like it steals your sanity, too!

I’ve often heard this illness referred to as…

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2 thoughts on “Life Past Your Time

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts. A lot of ME sufferers, including myself, are also hoping for a cure. We are trying to get the word out about ME, since it is considered an “invisible illness”. The writer on “Documenting M E” is an amazing, strong women. She is suffering horribly, yet is so eloquent in getting her story out. I wanted to honor her with my re-blogging her tale, making our illness a little less invisible.


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