Coping with Chronic Illness: Your Life Is Not Over.


This wonderfully written blog is so uplifting, I must share it! Good, thoughtful advice not only for chronically ill people, but everyone who wants to learn peace and acceptance of life with it’s twists and turns.

A rainbow at night

I received a message asking for advice from a person who was new to chronic illness, having just found out they had late stage Lyme disease. In construing a reply, I came up with a bunch of things I wished someone had told me. For a good book to accompany you on this road, I once again recommend How To Be Sick.

The first thing I believe most people want to know when they get sick, is that their life isn’t over. You’re scared, and you think your life cannot continue unless it continues on the path you were already on before the illness arrived. I offer you my compassion.

Things ARE going to change, but I assure you, your life isn’t over. I ask you to consider that it never even paused at all. Your plans might have changed, but life is still happening, which I’m sure is…

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5 thoughts on “Coping with Chronic Illness: Your Life Is Not Over.

  1. Aww, that is so wonderful of you to say. I’m so glad you found it uplifting! To hear it’s actually resonating with people makes me so happy I was finally able to do it, and blessed that people are comforted enough by it to want to share. Thank you,


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