Is ME fatal? A different perspective.


This is a call to the medical community and others who deny ME is a real disease.

Documenting M.E.

As someone currently receiving hospice care due solely to the effects of ME, it irks me when people claim ME is not a fatal disease. Many, many ME-related deaths have shown that, at the very least, this disease can be fatal. I’ve seen people throw around a statistic which claims the death rate for this disease is 3%. What they don’t realize is most ME experts agree this number is grossly underestimated. Let me explain why.

ME is most similar in nature to another neurological illness, Multiple Sclerosis. Like MS, most ME experts agree there are certain subtypes which exist within the same illness name. The most commonly suggested categories (and those I personally see) are stable (illness remains the same or improves slightly with careful energy planning), relapsing/remitting (illness cycles through better and worse phases), and progressive/deteriorating (illness consistently deteriorates over time, regardless of planning and treatment). Of these…

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3 thoughts on “Is ME fatal? A different perspective.

    • You are welcome! I agree – what you wrote about in your blog does need to be spread. Most people, doctors included, have no clue as to what ME is (and I REFUSE to call it CFS any longer.)

      Every day is a new day and maybe the world will change if enough of us speak out!

      Thank you so much for sharing your world in such a poignant way. I will be following your blog and, if you do not mind, re-blogging some of your entries in the future.

      Wishing you the best,


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