Not Slaying But Accepting My Dragon…


Well today I will actually do some of my own blogging. As you may or may not know I have ME, so I can never tell from day to day what I may be able to accomplish.

When I started Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations, I had done it for myself. I found jewelry designing and creating to be very therapeutic and wanted a way to share my creations (and yes, perhaps sell them!) I am aware that there are a lot of jewelry websites and I am an ant in a forest of anteaters. Does this worry me? No.

Within the confines of my life, I cannot do all I dream of doing. I know all will be done in time, but that time may be longer than expected by others. How does this tie in with Kraftycat? I had visions of making jewelry and other items for every holiday. Have I accomplished this? Again, no.


Besides hanging in there with my day job, I have been kept busy with some custom orders and love doing them! Thankfully, my customers, many who are repeat, are understanding and willing to give me a little bit longer to make them a piece with their specifications.

Tomorrow my dream is to complete more custom orders. If able, I will make additional items for my website. Whatever I do get done, I am thankful for the ability to still be able to do it.

Till tomorrow then…


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