Winning Possums


This will bring at least a smile, if not a belly laugh, to your evening!

Fish Of Gold

Evil Squirrel is having a contest! I do so love contests. Let’s see. What are the rules? Entries are required to have a squirrel, a unicorn and a possum.

Sweet! I’ve already drawn two out of three! We have a squirrel…


And a unicorn…

unicornSo, all I’m missing is a possum!

Oh. But, I hate possums. I once said that I won’t consider possums proper beasts until they put their skulls back inside their skin where they belong. How on earth can you make this cute?

Well, I said the same thing about crabs, and I managed to make one of those cute:


So, I guess we can do the same for the disgusting, rabies spitting, dog taunting possum. This will be a challenge. Thanks a lot, Evil Squirrel. You and your damn possums. Fine. Possums it is.

First, our hopelessly cute possum needs a body, which will end…

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