So Much I Want to Do, So Little Time.


I am sure this is a common lament – one heard in every language. When I was younger, I certainly did not see time the same way I do now. One hour when I was eighteen equals 30 minutes at my present age – or so it seems!

Everyday is a combination of “must do”, “should do”, “i’ll think about it later” and “forget about it!”

Everyday is composed of making decisions – big and small – and all effect the outcome of the day.

I love designing and making jewelry! And I must fit it in with the other parts of my life. By pacing myself, I have found a balance to my time. My day job is a “must do” and around that I plan.

Yesterday I made some jewelry, not for the Kraftycat Jewelry and Creations website (shameless plug) but for myself. (With all the things I make for others, I realized I had nothing to wear!)

Today’s choice – go through my emails and read new entries from several blogs I follow – a couple of which I decided to reblog for others to enjoy! And since I found the time, I decided to write this entry onto my blog!

I am happy with the pace of my life and have accepted that I will not be able to accomplish all I want to do – at least not today…after all, there is always tomorrow!

And tomorrow – the World!  Hahahahaha…….


One thought on “So Much I Want to Do, So Little Time.

  1. sunshinebright

    Enjoyed your blog, Kraftycatcreations. I like the idea of pacing yourself. I think it’s very good advice, and it makes sense. Many times, we can get involved with something and forget the time and realize we didn’t do the other things we had intended to do. Putting yourself first is not a bad idea at all. Looking forward to your next blog.


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