About the Garnet – January Birthstone


raw garnet

From my previous blog, “A New Year-A New Lesson-and Some New Ideas”, I received a request to give some information about the garnet and amber. I was all prepared to write up an article about the garnet, after collecting much information, when I happened to run across this excellent video by birthdaygems.org! It is a read-a-long, but tells the story in much the same way I would have.

There is so much to learn about different gemstones! I hope you find it as interesting as I did!

In honor of this January birthstone, I have included pieces created with garnet on the Kraftycatcreations.com site, along with several other new items. I invite you to check it out.


Now, to research amber!


3 thoughts on “About the Garnet – January Birthstone

    • I am so glad you found that interesting. It is amazing how much there is to know about each stone! Thank you for the compliment on the butterfly! I am rather proud of the way it came out. In trying out different techniques, I try to take into consideration any comments made as to preferences by my customers.

      Happy Birthday to your friend and may everyday be special!


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