Dr. Who Convention


Today, Cady (my daughter) and I, are attending a Doctor Who convention.  Yes, you heard right – I am a bit of a geek (and proud of it!), attending a few Cons every year.  It’s like going on vacation to a planet of like-minded people who revel in science fiction/fantasy.  Everyone shares the experience:  the fabulous costumes, meeting their favorite actors, authors and artists, attending panels and, of course, shopping for those “can’t find them anywhere else” items.

For those of the uninitiated, think of it as a cross between a business convention with fun classes run by celebrities, and Mardi Gras, without the bead throwing, parades or drinking.

Sometimes I think life can be a bit like a sci-fi/fantasy novel. Take me for example: a calm, cool, collected bookkeeper during the week and a passionate jewelry/creation designer other times. (Picture Mr. Burns looking over beads in his office as he says, “Excellent!”)



Does any of this tie into KraftycatCreations? Yes Virginia, there will be a category… Convention Collection! It is probably more victorian/steampunk inspired with just a touch of anime/sci-fi/fantasy. Oooooh Myyyy – nice mix! (Nod to George Takei.) 

To all of my followers:  Live long and prosper!

P.S. – I am still working furiously on producing the photos for the site – url http://www.kraftycatcreations.com.  Thanks for your patience!  Watch for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT when it happens!


4 thoughts on “Dr. Who Convention

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! If you ever need free totally free volunteer help with any aspect of web or blogging, check out “timethief” one cool site for free blogging tips. Fair Dinkum I am not a spambot. Apparently Picard said, when shown his new sewing machine “make it sew!” 🙂


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