Back to the Photography Drawing Board


shell cloisinaie czech glass

Edited version:

While waiting for the photos from the Connie Foundation’s fund drive, I will update where we are with the website.

As previously stated, the photos we took were not what we had hoped for. Even with some work in Photoshop – it just wasn’t happening!

An “executive decision” was made by part of our creative crew to purchase a new camera. And so we did – one which the sales person at the store told us would give us the quality photos we were looking for(?).

Problem solved?  Well, not quite.  I may be a jewelry designer, but I obviously have a lot to learn about photography.  As you can see by the image above, things are looking up, but it took many shots to figure out the correct lighting. There are several books about digital photography, sitting on my desk, staring at me, while I shoot away.  Probably time to read a chapter or two perhaps? LOL

I will conquer this beast!  I will get the Kraftycatcreations website up and started! I will not have it up in October as I promised myself, but I do promise not to put a date on things such as this – at least in writing!  Maybe the first part of November… (no promises!)


Your kind comments are welcome.

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