A very cute poem written by Realityorbust. I think all of us has had a time when we would rather take a drive somewhere on a beautiful day than mow the lawn.

Originally posted on realityorbust:

My backyard’s truly scandalous
With weeds higher than my head.
My reasons – although numerous
Are excuses born and bred.

But into this yard most hideous
Come birds of every kind.
They’re obviously oblivious-
My weeds they do not mind.

A flock of sparrows frivolous
Upon my weed-seeds dine.
This strikes me as hilarious
That they find my garden fine.

And so my mood’s gregarious
As I while away the time.
Writing of my garden atroci-ous
Playing about with rhyme.

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Gotta Love It!


There is a video going viral highlighting a father and his 4-yr-old daughter dancing to “Shake It Off”. It is cute beyond words.

Less known is the video of the same duo dancing to “All About That Bass”. I think it is funnier, although there is less cuteness factor. The father, rather than the daughter, is the main performer. (It also is much shorter, so maybe my attention span has something to do with my critique.}

In the interest of fairness, I offer you both. You decide which video you prefer. Enjoy! :)


Proud soldiers


Found this on Facebook, while visiting my brother’s timeline. A wonderful, down to earth, musical tribute to all our veterans and solders, from a pair of soldiers. Their country music band is called Patten and Goff and they are from Fort Eustis, Virginia.

If you enjoy it, please spread it around.