Today Is World Hello Day!


So hello everyone! 

When anyone says hello to me, it immediately brings a smile to my face as I respond in kind. A moment of sunshine in a hectic day. It makes you feel noticed and valued. So much from such a small word!

Spread the love – say hello to anyone you meet today. It will brighten both your worlds!


Wednesday Wackies



Oh my! Great kitty memes from Shrimp at Hairball Express! Instant re-blog!

Originally posted on hairballexpress:

Good morning furiends!

Time to start your day with a smile- but since I can’t be there with you, I’ll have to send some of my relatives…Enjoy!









🐭 Have a PURRfect day! 🐭

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Baby Sea Otter Makes a splash at the Shedd Aquarium!



This is too cute not to share! Just gives me the warm and fuzzies looking at those sweet pictures.

Originally posted on The Chicago Files:


[all photos in this post courtesy of Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez]

Well, well, who do we have here? This little cutie-pie baby sea otter is the latest addition to call Chicago’s, “Shedd Aquarium” her new home; her journey to arrive at the Shedd is remarkable.

At approximately one week old, weighing a mere two pounds (and that is probably “soaking wet”), this tiny sea otter was found on Coastways Beach in California.  A local resident taking an early evening stroll heard the cries of this dear little soul.  The good Samaritan immediately notified authorities; however, due to impending nightfall, no rescue could take place until the next morning, given the sea otter pup’s remote location.


It was determined that she was orphaned; as such, she needed immediate care and nutrition.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium initially took the pup into its fold, where it houses a special, “Sea Otter Program”.  This program…

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Kat careers



Shrimp, from “Hairball Express”, is showing off some family photos for a career day of sorts. What a talented family cat-tree!

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So many people still think we kats just lay around all day and do nothing. Well, meet some of my extended family members who have their own careers (which their humans know nothing about).


Uncle Tommy became a butler- and he earns more money than his humans.


Miss Molly is a high (kat) fashion model.


Sam (my great, great, great uncle on my daddy’s side), models fur a major retailer. But he insisted on keeping his original tail.


Sister Patches was an actress- PURRoblem is, she never knew when to quit acting….


My daddy’s fourteenth cousin on his mother’s brother’s side -(I furgot his name)- was a newspaper editor…until he got fired fur sleeping on the job.

🐟 Happy Wednesday! 🐟

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